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Our homemade Dish Cloths are a kitchen essential - thick, absorbent and built to last through heavy duty scrubbing sessions.

  • 100% cotton material for durability and absorbency
  • Textured weave that cleans better than sponges
  • Vibrant colors and fun patterns
  • Reinforced edges prevent fraying

With their tightly woven fiber and textured surface, these Dish Cloths scour away baked-on food and greasy residue from pots, pans, dishes and more. The 100% cotton absorbs tons of water and suds for faster drying. Plus, the colorful patterns and reinforced edges add style and longevity.


Order comes with 2 Dish Cloths. 100% Cotton

Hand Knitted Dish Cloths

Color: White&Grey
  • Hand Knitted Dish Cloths Dimensions 11.5 inches wide by 29.25 long

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